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Recent Articles

Habitat Containers

by Ellen Sousa, MA If you enjoy watching wildlife, hopefully you have a little seating area tucked somewhere into your garden where you can sit, relax and watch the visitors to your backyard habitat. Even if your outdoor space is small, you can still bring the birds and butterflies up close by … [Read More...]

Top 10 Best Native Woody Plants For Wildlife

by Carole Sevilla Brown, PA When I am consulting with a new client about their Ecosystem Gardening goals, the number one question I am asked is, “What should I plant?” or “Just tell me what to plant and I’ll do it.” But choosing the best plants is dependent on many factors, such as soil type, … [Read More...]

I’ll take ‘Why Does My Boxwood Keep Dying’ for $100, Alex!

by Debbie Roberts, CT Every year I teach a few garden design classes at a local adult and continuing education program. Regardless of the topic of the class, I am invariably asked by a student why a particular plant just keeps dying in their garden. Like many newbie gardeners, they fall in love … [Read More...]

No I am NOT a Native Plant Nazi

by Carole Sevilla Brown, PA I have been accused by some of being a native plant nazi because of my firm belief that native plants are much better in the conservation garden than are exotic plants. I am not suggesting that you rip all your favorite exotic plants out of your garden, such as that … [Read More...]

The Planting Pyramid: Adding Wildlife Value to Your Garden

by Genevieve Schmidt, CA We’ve all seen the food pyramid, with healthier foods forming the base and chocolate cheesecake with cholesterol sauce at the top (mmmm…. cholesterol sauce). Though nutritionists argue about the specifics, it’s a great concept because it makes healthy eating a bit simpler … [Read More...]

Cornus alternifolia Pagoda Dogwood

by Barbara Pintozzi, IL Squirrels are the comedians of the garden.  Their antics entertain and often exasperate homeowners. My suburban Chicago garden, Squirrelhaven, is named ironically in recognition of them.  My next-door neighbors leave out peanuts in the shell for the squirrels, but I … [Read More...]

Native Ground Covers for New England

By Emily DeBolt, NY When many gardeners and homeowners think about a ground cover for the garden, they often want something that will spread fast and fill in space (at least most of the gardeners that I talk to do).  This saves time and money through less weeding, less mulching, and buying fewer … [Read More...]

Doug Tallamy: Native Plants Support Local Food Webs

By Carole Sevilla Brown, PA Welcome to the next edition of the Ecosystem Gardening podcast series! In this installment, I’m talking with Doug Tallamy, one of my Heroes of Ecosystem Gardening, and author of Bringing Nature Home: How Native Plants Sustain Wildlife in Our Gardens. Dr. Tallamy … [Read More...]

A Native Plant Tipping Point?

By Suzanne Dingwell, VA Is the push for appreciation of native plants about to be derailed? Have the proponents of native plant use become entangled in wars of their own and turned the focus away from the importance of the basic messages? Are we about to trip over our own two feet? In many ways, … [Read More...]

How Many Native Plants Should I Have?

By Ellen Honeycutt, GA People that are just dipping their toe into the concept of using more native plants in their garden often wonder how many they should use. Reluctant to let go of some of their favorite non-native plants, they look for a recommended balance. I don’t blame them – I enjoy my … [Read More...]

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