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For over 122 years our family business has been supplying native wildflowers, ferns, trees, and shrubs to the United States and beyond. Carrying on the original vision from 1892 we grow and supply common and hard to find native plants, as well as offering seed mixes and a number of native orchids. We are located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwest corner of North Carolina. Visit our website, and Follow Gardens of the Blue Ridge on Facebook.

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Native Plant Resources for the Southeast

Sustainable Gardening for Floridaby Ginny Stibolt

Sustainable gardening is a broad topic that includes best practices in gardening, organic gardening, making the best use of local resources, growing your own vegetables, saving water, and doing the least amount of damage to the environment. In Sustainable Gardening for Florida, Ginny Stibolt presents easy money-saving projects that help to reduce Floridians’ collective ecological footprint. This wide range of techniques, which features a combination of eco-friendly landscape design and organic practices, offers new ideas and new ways of approaching common environmental subjects at a personal level and for community-wide action that will make a positive impact on the state, one yard at a time.

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  1. Janet Waldschmidt says:

    Don’t forget Sunlight Gardens in Andersonville, TN. They are on Facebook too. I have both ordered online from them and visited their nursery to buy plants. I’m extremely satisfied with them. They include excellent instructions with the plants received by mail. Also have a newly-redesigned website. As a long-time gardener who just read BRINGING NATURE HOME in the past year and had my thinking totally transformed, I have gained much information from their website on native plants for TN.

  2. Our current University of Georgia Marine Extension Service CoastScapes conservation landscaping and wildlife habitat website (
    and native plant search engine( (which is available on the CoastScapes website) promote the use of native plants in sustainable landscaping practices in Georgia. The website and native plant search engine are currently being updated. We are expanding and renaming our University of Georgia CoastScapes program to EcoScapes Sustainable Landscaping. The new website, which will be completed in early 2014, will be more comprehensive and cover the entire state of Georgia. The current website emphasizes sustainable land use for the upper and lower coastal plain ecoregions of GA.

    In addition, the joint UGA Marine Extension Service and UGA Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystems Health CoastScapes native plant search engine is currently being updated to include the entire state of GA (currently includes 948 species of native plants for upper and lower coastal plain). Both landscape available and other native plants are and will continue to be included in the native plant search engine. The native plant search engine not only allows folks to select the right native plant for the right location, but also provides the opportunity to select natives according to both site conditions and desired sustainable landscaping practices (e.g., drought tolerant, salt tolerant, rain garden, several options for pollinator habitat – bees/beetles, butterflies and moths, hummingbirds), riparian buffer, wildlife habitat, etc.). FYI, we are currently awaiting word on funding for an EcoScapes native plant search engine app for GA (which will utilize the updated statewide database).

    We’d be delighted to be considered to be part of your native plant effort! Please contact me if you have any questions!

  3. Thanks Keren, I’ve added the resources you suggested to the new Georgia page. Thanks so much for the work you are doing to educate people about the value of native plants!
    Carole Sevilla Brown recently posted…Wildlife Garden Autumn Clean UpMy Profile

  4. Dan Miller at Trillium Gardens in Tallahassee raises and sells native plants.

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